Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another attitude moment from Cherub 3

My mom calls this, "Live Life Like Bart". Like I said before, that thought frightens me some. But, his positive attitude showed itself again this morning and made me smile.

Cherub 2 just started preschool a week ago. He's thrilled to be going. As he puts it, " I get to go meet some other kids and play without Bart."

Bart doesn't have exactly the same attitude towards things...
Daddy and Bart were talking this morning after Cherub 2 and I left for preschool. Mr. Amazing asked Bart if he missed TT. Bart paused and thought a moment and said, "Yes... but he always comes back."

We all should know that the crummy things in life won't be that way forever.

Praise God. HE is coming back too!!

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