Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow - The Great Equalizer

Right now, if I go outside and don't look to the East, I can pretend I'm back home.

Snow is everywhere. It's really going to be a white Christmas. And, under a beautiful blanket of snow, I can pretend the wheat fields are really corn fields. If I don't look too closely, I can pretend it's Iowa.

Of course, the huge mountain range on the East side of things spoils the pretending.

But then I get to stand in awe of the magnitude of God's creativity. Snow capped mountains are something else I must say! I could never tire of the view out here!!

And yes, that is Cherub 3. And yes, he's eating the snow. (He doesn't even have sense enough to pick it up first.) Gotta love Cherub 3!!

1 comment:

Jim said...

Just keep telling yourself It's Iowa, It's Iowa.

And then enjoy the mountains, anyway.

Lovely poetry btw.