Friday, January 16, 2009

But will he grow back down?

My baby turned four years old the day after Christmas. And yes, he can dress himself. But, most of his clothes aren't "cool enough" so he requires my assistance (make that insistence) in not remaining naked all morning. Thus, Cherub 3 was getting dressed this morning....

He noticed that when I sit down he's now taller than me. He mentioned this as he bent DOWN to give me a kiss.

We picked out his pants and I helped him slide them on. I noticed that these pants that were once too long, are now just right --- and I'm sure will soon enough... be too short.

I said to him, "Oh my goodness. You're getting so big."

He looked at me, gave me a hug and answered, "OK. I'll stop at four."


Cheryl said...

(Grr. I hate typos) I think I'm going to cry. That is so sweet! Much sweeter than the comments that have been leaving Max's mouth today. =)

Granny said...

That sounds like his Aunt Cheryl who told me that after she grew up, she'd grow back down. Then one day she realized that would never happen. And you really wouldn't want it to!

Patti.gaynor said...

I keep asking Garrett if he grew. If he did, I ask if he had permission! I certainly didn't give him permission.