Thursday, May 13, 2010

What it takes

In order to have a baby, you gotta have sex. That's about it. No one comes in to make sure you're a fit parent or anything. You just get to do it.

Now, if you want to become a foster parent it's a total new ballgame. Don't get me wrong! I agree with (almost) all of the rules. However, this is waayyy more complicated than just having a little nookie.

My fun today came when the doctor's office called me back. You see, I have to get two different forms signed by them. One of them states that the doctor's office agrees to take Star County Health (Medicade) insurance. The other form states that I am fit enough health-wise to become a foster parent.

I had dropped off those wonderful forms on Tuesday. It took 2.5 days for them to look at the forms and say that I have to schedule a doctor's appointment in order to get their approval. I said, "What?! I just had a physical in February. I really have to have another appointment?!" So the nurse said she'd check and have someone call me back.

Several hours later the Office Manager called me back. It seems I do have to come in for another appointment. The doctor said she's only seen me once - so I guess this time she'll do a better job of determining my health. The physical I had just four months ago must not have been to important enough to do thoroughly. Then she babbled off something about me being on lots of medication, having high cholesterol, and wanting to make sure my diabetes is under control. I had to stop the conversation right there! If that doctor had really read my file she would have seen that I'm on lots of medication but they are all managed by my rheumatologist. I get to see him every 8 weeks for blood work and an appointment. My cholesterol is borderline high. Nothing to freak out about for sure. And diabetes - well, I don't have that. I informed the nice office manager that I have PCOS and everything is under control. Still, I have to come in for an appointment.

So then I asked if I could just get the form about their office accepting any future foster kids that we have placed with us as patients. She said that although they do accept Medicade, she's not sure the doctor will be willing to sign the form I brought by. She'll have to call me back.


And really, a doctor's appointment wouldn't be that big of a deal if this part of the country didn't run on siesta time. I have yet to go to a scheduled doctor's appointment and get in to see the doctor within two hours of the scheduled arrival time. Yes, you read that right. Two. Hours. I spent almost three hours at the doctor's office for my physical in February and I think I had a total of 5 minutes face time with the doctor. The rest of it was spent waiting.

However, things are moving along. We should be able to complete the fire inspection next week. If the health inspector ever calls me, I'll get that appointment scheduled too. Everyone in the family has to get tested for TB. (I'm not sure where we're going to do that at but I'm hoping I find somewhere where it doesn't take several hours to get the quick needle stick done.) Mr. Amazing and I also have to take a CPR/First Aid class. Oh yeah, and I can't forget about our FBI fingerprints that we have to have on file for our background checks too. (Whew -- nookie was a lot easier than this!)

It's going to be worth it though. I don't know why except that this entire process is being orchestrated by a much Higher Power! I know that God will guide us through it and will bless our family because of it.

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