Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I haven't posted in ages. Things have been crazy busy around here. My dad had a massive stroke and I flew back to Iowa with the youngest two cherubs to visit family. It was a very stressful couple of weeks right before the start of school. (Side note: my dad is doing better now. He's home but still requires full-time care that my mother currently provides. I hate being so gosh darn far away.)

All three of my cherubs started school last week. I've got one in Kindergarten, one in First Grade and one in Eighth Grade. My season of having little ones at home all day long is over. (Unless of course we end up fostering a little one.)

Which brings me to the title "Waiting". Our homestudy is complete. All of our training is complete. We have been officially verified in the state of Texas to foster. All we have to do now is get THE phone call.

We were told by our foster agency that it will probably be slow for a week or two. With school starting up the area judges actually spent the last few weeks trying to get as many children back home as possible. Having a "slow" time just sounds awful though. I really wish things would never "pick back up". I wish there wasn't a need for foster parents.

But...there is. So we continue to pray for the child(ren) that will come in to our home. I've still got some last minute items to go shopping for. Since we don't know what age to expect, I'm trying to not go overboard. We live close enough to shopping that a quick trip for diapers in the middle of the night won't kill me. But I do want to get some more hampers, an alarm clock for the fifth bedroom, and various other extra items. I also continue to take advantage of any down time that I've got right now. I know that I'll be horribly busy after we get our first placement. A busy that I won't mind at all - but busy nonetheless.

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