Sunday, September 26, 2010

What should I say?

Here's one I haven't figured out exactly how to respond to yet.

A neighbor lady said "congratulations" to me because of the girls.

My first thought is... Congratulations?! Really?! These wonderful, beautiful, marvelous girls have lived through HELL. They trust no one because of all the hurt they've had in their young lives. The ONLY reason they are in my house is because someone finally figured out the Hell they were living in and reported it. But I'm going to be told congratulations?! This should have never happened. In a perfect world they wouldn't be in my home. They wouldn't have been hurt. And I certainly don't deserve any congratulations because I've opened my home to them. Despite the fact that this is entirely The. Most. Difficult. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Done.... I've got it easy compared to them.

I know the neighbor is just being nice. But it doesn't seem right. These beautiful girls had to get hurt before I could be told congratulations.

Of course I said thank you and I smiled. But inside, my heart was breaking.

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jendoop said...

I've gotten that, and usually I just stare in stunned silence. The only other thing I can figure out, besides your explanation, is that people think we're in this to adopt.

There are a few kind supportive friends at church who refer to our foster son as "your little guy". When they say it it takes a few minutes for me to figure out who they're talking about. I don't see him as "mine".