Saturday, October 9, 2010

I love having connections!

Remember that awesome brother I told you I have? He's a family doctor many, many states away from Texas. When I need medical help, the most he can do is offer up a phone consultation. I'm very lucky though as I have an honest doctor (basically) at my beck and call. Sometimes I wonder how I would parent without it. I call him after most appointments and get a second opinion. It has saved me tons of money and unnecessary hassle.

I told him yesterday about the investigation. He was already mad about how the doctor had treated me and the girls. He immediately told me I needed to report the doctor to the board of medical examiners. He then went online with me and walked me through filling out the complaint form.

I'm not trying to be spiteful. More than anything I want this doctor to become a little more educated on the subject of drug resistant lice. I'd also like her to think twice before becoming so hostile to her patients.

My brother helped me word the email perfectly. All I did was spell out what happened and ask for the doctor to increase her education level. I referred to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. This statement alone will ensure the review board takes my report a little more seriously. And, in the meantime, this doctor will have lots of extra paperwork to do. Also, every time she fills out insurance paperwork she's going to have to mention that she's currently under investigation.

I felt so good hitting "submit" last night. The pit in my stomach is now gone.

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