Thursday, October 14, 2010

Investigation time

I got the privilege of speaking with the CPS investigator today. I enjoyed telling her all about our lovely trip to the doctor on October 5th.

It seems the doctor thought it necessary to turn me in for two allegations. One because I asked for a sleep aid for the girls. And two because I "shoved one of the girls down in a chair".

Both are laughable!!

I had already spoken with CPS about using melatonin at night with my girls. They said I just needed to get "permission" from a doctor. They were completely fine with it but because the supplements do say not for use with kids under 12, CPS needed a medical OK from a doctor. We haven't been given the green light to go to a psychiatrist yet so my girls are on no meds at all. I need something to help take the edge off at bedtime. We probably won't get to a psych doc for at least another few weeks. The fact that I wanted an OTC med that is commonly used is certainly not CPS allegation material.

I found out that the investigator had to sit and watch surveillance video of us while we were at the doctor's office. (We waited three hours for our appointment! Boy I bet she had a blast doing that!) Never did she see me shove a child down in a chair. Hmmm. Both the children said that this never happened either. Hmmmm. Think this doctor just had an axe to grind?! How dare a woman advocate for her foster kids! How dare she question the authority of this medical god! The investigator did get to see the girls' behaviors escalate as we waited and waited and waited for our appointment. She did see me have to politely redirect them many, many times. But never did I look like I was yelling at them. Or hurting them. Hmmmm. Not even as I was storming out of the office.

I'm certainly not worried about how all this is going to shake out. It was a minor inconvenience to me this morning. But, I do hope that I hear back from the Board of Medical Examiners soon. This doctor deserves something more than a minor inconvenience. She had a lot of nerve lying about the situation just because I stuck up for my kids and wanted what was best for them!


jendoop said...

So glad you are being vindicated!!

MamaFoster said...


i still just can't believe you even have to deal with this.

marythemom said...

If you have to be investigated at least you had video proof! Still, it stinks!

Hugs and prayers,
Mary in TX