Friday, October 8, 2010

Just what else is going to complicate my life now?

I went to pick the girls up from school early yesterday. They each had a dentist appointment. When I arrived, I was told that TurtleTurtle was in a meeting with CPS.

Interesting. I was told that our worker was in a judge's conference all day.

The worker cut the meeting short with TurtleTurtle and stepped out to meet me. Nothing seemed too strange. I asked "who" she was. She explained that she's someone that oversees all the parties involved in this case -- our CPS case worker, the agency worker (I think anyway) and us to make sure that minimum standards are being met and things like that. It seemed like just a bigger bureaucracy to me. But I'm new to the standards in the state of Texas.

This worker told me that she'd just meet with the girls another day and that she'd stop by the house to meet with me. She wanted to come today. I mentioned that I was going to be gone on a date with my husband. She didn't seem phased and said she'd get with me next week. I blew the whole thing off.

At dinner tonight I asked MissArguePants if the CPS worker had met with her during school today. She said yes. Then she volunteered that this worker just wanted to know what had happened at the doctor the other day.

Oh my!!

I went online and looked up the official title that is on the worker's business card that she left with me. It seems that she isn't exactly just keeping an eye on things. It looks more like she's actually an investigator. It looks like that nasty doctor really did call CPS on me.

On one hand, I can handle this. I knew all along that it's not a matter of IF you'll be investigated. It's a matter of WHEN. But really?! Our first placement?! Within the first 30 days?! Unbelievable.

I know that I've done nothing wrong. All I was trying to do was advocate for the well being of my girls. And, deep down, I know this is a good thing. CPS was responsible for them in their last placement - the one they were at before they came to us. The one they had to be removed from. I know CPS has to be extra careful now for many reasons. At least someone is looking out for the best interests of those kids...finally!!

But you know that feeling? Like when you get called into your boss' office and you're not sure if it's for a good reason or if something is wrong? Or if your significant other says, "we need to talk" and you have no idea why? That knot in the pit of your gut that just won't go away?

I've got one of those.

It's hard enough managing the behaviors of these girls. We've got a three day weekend. Somehow I've got to let this go so I can place all my energy into the family and not waste any of it on needless worrying. But crap! I'm just not a fan of this. If there was a "dislike" button, I would be pushing it right now!


MamaFoster said...

what a bunch of nonsense!!!!!!!!!! oh my word!!!!!!! seriously?!?!?!??!

that would make me want to quit right then and there! you are a more level headed person than I am.

we got told the same thing in our class "it isn't IF it's WHEN" but when i see the lack of them believing anything my kid says anyway it is hard for me to believe that they ever check into anything.

that must be why the doctor is 2 hours late for his/her appts. they are busy reporting everyone for not talking to them nicely.

jendoop said...

It is my understanding that CPS has to investigate every call they get. Try not to take it too personally. I know, easier said than done.

I've tried to take a philosophical attitude towards the critical eye of all these workers. If they really want to nit pick to find something wrong, they'll find it or make something up. If they're really interested in knowing the truth and really helping the kids then they'll find that I'm doing my best. If they take the children away and revoke my license then it's their loss, and the children's. I have to admit my lack of control over those things.

That said, Foster Podcast recently had a great episode about allegations. You should go take a listen.

Anonymous said...

"It isn't IF but WHEN" . . . So true.
Even so, it's so hard not to take it personally.