Saturday, October 16, 2010

Listerine update

I ended tonight with another Listerine treatment on the girls. My original plan got smacked out of the calendar this week. We haven't done the Listerine since last Saturday.

I'm not sure if we're having ultimate success or not. I'm going to guess that we are. I only pulled about a dozen or two bugs off of each girl tonight. The positive thing is that all the bugs were really little. I have to hope that they simply hatched this week and are new. I'm going to pray that they didn't lay any eggs yet.

It's my plan to do Listerine again on Monday night. Plans like that have to stay rather loose. I'm not about to pour alcohol on top of a fitting 8 year old. Lord willing we'll be done with this chapter of parenting soon.


The stupid doctor that wouldn't prescribe any new form of treatment for lice on my girls isn't going to be investigated after all. I heard back from the medical board of examiners today. They said my complaint didn't warrant investigation as the doctor was acting within the standard of care.

That's a bunch of baloney!! But ultimately, I know that the doctor will stand judgment someday. It's not really a battle I have to fight.

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