Sunday, October 24, 2010

Listerine Works! Listerine Works! Listerine Works!!

I made the girls do another Listerine treatment on their hair tonight. (To see where the story started visit here.)

I didn't find any bugs!!!

I think that this chapter of our foster parenting adventure just might be over.

I made the girls promise that they'll tell me if they itch again. But for now, it looks like the only funky thing in their hair is the minty fresh scent!!

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MamaFoster said...

that is so awesome and really good to know.

after we got our second foster son i got a call telling me we "may have been exposed to lice" and i said "lice, is that it?" because he said he had bad news. then he laughed and said, "i wish more foster parents were like you."

i wish that was the end of my story, like i really didn't care but i totally freaked out, washed everything in the whole house, googled lice and how to figure out if you have them every day for a week and was CONVINCED that i had lice even though there was no sign of them.

we never had lice.

i freaked out for nothing.

for a week.

and my husband made fun of me.

after seeing what you have been thru though, i def. don't want them either!!!