Friday, November 5, 2010

Court today

I've got about three hours until I have to go get the girls from school and take them to court. It's not a state of Texas rule. It's not a CPS rule. It's the judge in the county where we live. He requires that children attend every court hearing. The only thing he will excuse them for is the annual TAKS testing done at school in the spring. One of our workers told me that even kids who are placed with relatives out of state have to fly back in for court hearings.


Today should be somewhat simple. I don't think too much is being decided on. The only real issue that could rock my world is our current therapy situation.

We needed our girls to be in therapy as soon as possible. They just had too many behavior issues and baggage. We couldn't handle it alone. And when nothing was moving forward with the court ordered therapy (that was ordered back in September), CPS and our agency worked to get the girls in with someone else (who, BTW, is marvelous!!). I was originally told that the girls would be able to work with both counselors as necessary.

As I understand things, the judge in our county orders ALL cases like ours to attend therapy with the same therapist. (possible racket?!) This therapist has become so overwhelmed that new cases simply sit for a long, long time. Voice mails and emails don't get answered. And even when therapy does start, it can be rather sporadic. None of this is a good situation. I really feel our girls need once a week therapy from someone they can rely on.

However, this "court ordered" therapy is a pretty big deal. Whether or not we get to stay with our current therapist will all depend on how good of a mood the judge is in. I have been assured that the girls' lawyer and our CPS worker see the value of them staying in their current situation. But everyone has made it very clear that this judge sometimes won't let anyone plead their case. A court order is a court order.

I got a call earlier this week that the court ordered therapist can finally see us. Our appointment is scheduled for today at 5:00PM. (Acck!) I'm hoping the judge can see past the end of his court order to realize that keeping two attachment challenged girls in an already established (and positive) relationship would be best for all parties involved. Even if that means that their bio-mom has to drive a bit further to attend family therapy once that starts. If not, my night is totally going to suck.

Prayers are appreciated. I'll let you know how it shakes out.

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