Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More aftermath

Separate from the aftermath...but still more CPS fun...our family has been randomly selected to have a home walk-through this month. We're not under investigation. They just randomly picked our home. I was told they like to make it to all homes every couple of years.

Oh joy. It's not like I haven't had about a million walk-throughs now.
Sure, come on in. I've got nothing to hide.

As for more "Big Decision Aftermath"...
I was instructed that I had to call the CPS hot line today to report the "incident" from Saturday. No one would tell me why I had to call. I was just supposed to do it and then give the ID# of my report to our social worker.

It sickened me though. The "incident" was honestly so incredibly minor. It was just a red flag to me about where the placement could be headed. We didn't want to take any chances.

So, I called. And basically, by doing this, I'm setting myself up for yet another investigation. I'm betting someone all official is going to have to come and question my children. Someone will have to walk through my home again looking for violations. I was told today that this will probably be a "standards violation" of some kind - even though I didn't do anything wrong!

If I am supposed to be doing God's work by taking care of the orphans, the devil sure must not want me to do it! We are definitely going to take a break from fostering for a few weeks, if not for a couple months. I am reeling from all we've gone through to get where we are right now!!

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MamaFoster said...

you are the second one of my bloggy friends to have that "surprise walk thru" lately.

as for calling cps, you have to love that they had no answer for why you had to do it (i would have been calling supervisors like crazy over that) because I am so sick of them thinking they have the right to interview OUR children.

i agree, satan does NOT like what you are doing. that should be a sure sign that you are doing the right thing. plus, God tells us to glory when we are being persecuted because we are standing with HIM in our tribulation, taking on HIM name! HE is so proud of you, just be happy about all those crowns you will have to throw down at HIS feet one day!