Friday, December 10, 2010

I almost called the cops

10:00PM: Mr. Amazing and I turned off the TV after watching my absolute favorite show Burn Notice. He went upstairs to get ready for bed. Me, I turned on the computer one more time. Christine had a new blog post up. New people had commented. It seemed just natural that I should click through the comments to new blogs and read even more. (It's a compulsion. I'm going to work on it. Just not yet.) Besides, Charlie the dog was outside and I needed to wait for him to do his business and then let him in. Mr. Amazing called down and asked me to bring him some eye drops. I went upstairs with the eye drops.

10:38PM: I put my book down (I'm reading The Shack again), turned off my reading lamp and went to sleep. Ahhhhh....sweet sleep.

3:30AM: Oh my. There is a dog outside barking its fool head off. Somebody should shut it up.

4:00AM: That stupid dog. I should get out of bed and call the cops.
It's just not OK to let your dog bark all night long.

4:15AM as I'm drifting in and out of sleep: I should call the cops.
But my bed feels so good. I don't want to get out of bed. I'll put a pillow up over my head. Oh, I just want to sleep.

4:37AM: Cherub 2 startles me awake again. He was upset because he had had a bad dream. Really, I think that stupid dog woke him up. I think I should go look out the window to see where that noisy beast is at. I got out of bed and put on my glasses. Walking over to a window in the playroom I looked into our backyard first.

4:39AM: Oh holy sh*t!

4:41AM: Hey Mr. Amazing, guess what... it's probably a good thing I didn't call the cops.
Charlie, where he usually sleeps.


Cheryl said...

Cracking up here! Poor Char Char!

MamaFoster said...

oops :)

nslcropper said...

Oh, I needed a good laugh today, thanks for sharing! Just found your blog, so much fun to be able to chat this way!

jendoop said...

Good thing the kids don't pee outside!

You have given me a reminder for why I don't have a dog. Not that I wanted one anyway ;)