Friday, December 17, 2010

See if you can follow this...

1. It all started with just Mr. Amazing and our three kids. No fosters or respite. December looked like it would be an easy month.

2. Got a call for respite for two little ones. Said yes.

3. Got another call for respite for the following week for four teenagers. Said yes.

4. The first foster family called on their little ones. Said they wanted us to take their adults instead. Didn't give us enough notice. We said no. They decided we didn't need to watch their little ones either. We ended up with a "free" weekend (last weekend). I managed to fill the house with cookies and chocolate covered goodies.

5. For this weekend, our agency said that we couldn't take all four of the teenagers for respite. Our license only allows us to take a maximum of three. They decided to split the four kids up two and two. No problem.

6. I called the foster family of the teens we are doing respite for and spoke with their foster mom this morning. I wanted to find out what time the kids were coming this evening. Through the conversation she informed me that I was taking three of her kids. It seems the other family that was going to take two of them accepted a placement of a teenage girl this week. (Which incidentally is probably the teenage girl that we turned down earlier this week.) Anyway, if that other family took two kids for respite, it would put them over capacity. So they had to split the four teens up three and one.

7. At about 4:30 this afternoon our agency called again. A sibling group of four was removed from their home today. Three girls and their older (12 year old) brother. They are also from our same town so keeping them together is going to be difficult if they stay in our county. (Remember, our county requires homes with more than three foster kids to be licensed as group homes. And said group homes need to have full sprinkler systems.)

I informed the intake worker that I was going to be at capacity for the next week. She said it would probably be easier for her to find a respite home for one of the teenagers than it would be for her to find a placement home for the brother that was removed today. They're probably going to split up the sibling group with the girls going to one home and the boy to our house.

So now we wait.

Our agency was able to locate another respite home for one of the teenagers. So we are down to only getting two of them tonight. CPS approved our home for the placement of the 12 year old boy. However, they are still trying to locate a placement home that would be able to accept the entire sibling group of four.

I'll keep you posted.  :)  This is going to turn out to be a very interesting Christmas!!

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MamaFoster said...

i know how you feel and holy cow what is going on with sibling groups of 4??? my girls are a sib group of 4 (split up) - as i was sitting in the office they got another call for a sib group of 4 and now you...this is sad :(

and yes, Christmas will be very interesting!