Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baptism by fire

Pumpkin has a seizure disorder. I was told she hasn't had a seizure in 8 months. No medications were given to me. No primary care physician information was given to me. No record of ever seeing a neurologist was given to me.

I tracked down her primary care physician. I got access to her medical records. We found out that Pumpkin has seen a neurologist. We were waiting to find out if she was supposed to still be on meds or not.

Pumpkin had a seizure this morning.

We got to spend the morning in the ER. Then she was admitted.

Thankfully, she improved as the day went on. For some reason (and I'm grateful for whatever that reason was) the doctor on call decided to go ahead and discharge Pumpkin tonight. We left the hospital just before 8:00PM.

I came home right away to calm down Cherub 2 who had decided that this fostering stuff stinks again. He's not a fan of Mommy being gone at bedtime. Hugs, kisses, prayers and a lullaby made things better. Mr. Amazing held down the fort while I took off to go pick up the seizure meds that Pumpkin was supposed to have been on all along.

Pumpkin decided to empty her stomach in a projectile sort of way all over the couch.

Mr. Amazing is not a fan of projectile stomach emptying.

The pharmacy filled Pumpkin's prescriptions with pills instead of liquid. While they were correcting that error, Mr. Amazing called to inform me that Pumpkin wasn't well.

Did I mention that Mr. Amazing isn't a fan of barf?

I raced home as quickly as possible to assist with the cleanup. Pumpkin is going to sleep on the love seat in the living room. I'm going to find something to put over the clean, but still wet, couch and sleep on that.

I'm going to spend the evening praying that Pumpkin doesn't barf, have a seizure, and then choke. I'm not usually a worrier. But this scenario doesn't seem like that far of a stretch.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not doing this for the money.


Cheryl said...

Hope the rest of your night wasn't too rough!

MamaFoster said...

it always is a trial by fire situation in foster care. i hope this doesn't happen again.

jendoop said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry, this is looking to be another intense placement. I hope you have a carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment.

My heart was aching for you, then you wrote that last line and I started laughing! We're all about the cash!