Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Better experience at the doctor this time

I'm still trying to figure out the whole Medicaid system. Things functioned differently when we were in Iowa. I don't know if the system changed or if it's a Texas thing. But there's so much to learn.

Our agency requires a communicable disease check up to be done within 72 hours of placement. Because I have no friends in the medical field here in Texas, that means I have to make it to a doctor's office within the first three days. With Pumpkin I got the screening done in the ER the day of placement.

We have 21 days in which to have a physical completed. When TurtleTurtle and MissArguePants came, I just picked a doctor's office that was open on a Saturday and went as a walk-in. We were able to do the communicable disease screening and their physicals all at one time. The person at the counter took all our information, made one quick phone call, and switched the girls' primary care physician to their office. It went incredibly smoothly. (That part only! The doctor was a witch!!!)

Anyway, I assumed (I know...I know...never assume) that the switch in primary care physicians was an easy thing to do when kids are first placed in foster care. So, this time around, I made an appointment for Pumpkin at our family doctor.

We showed up Tuesday for her appointment and I was told that we could not be seen there. They can't make any calls to switch her physician. ??? Anyway...they printed out a small form that listed her current primary care physician. I called that office and was able to make an appointment for Pumpkin for Wednesday. Given Pumpkin's developmental delays, I'm pleased to be able to continue to take her to the same doctor.

Things went smoothly. Of course, nothing can go perfectly. Pumpkin has been seen in a different clinic than the location I chose. But getting her records transferred will be easy. In fact, I'm waiting for a call so I can go pick them up so I can have a copy for myself. And, instead of being reported to CPS 'cause I'm a "bad" foster mom, the doctor told me today that "I'm one of the good ones". That was nice to hear.  :)

I have a feeling I'm going to be busy playing taxi very soon. She won't let anyone look in her mouth so I don't see the dental check-up going well. My dentist said they'll be able to refer us to a specialist though. And, after we find out what's in Pumpkin's medical file, we'll start testing for hearing and vision. I have a feeling we'll end up getting a neurological work-up as well. Thankfully Pumpkin is a mellow kid and can wait for long periods of time without getting restless.

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