Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cherub 3's Tiny Baby Story

Can't leave out Cherub 3!! Here's his story...

Once upon a time there was a mommy and a daddy. And they wanted to have a bigger family. But right then, they were awfully busy with Big Sister M***, Big Brother Herman, Foster Brother Jordan, Baby Brother TT, two dogs (Lucy and Charlie) and a cat named K.C.

Whew! day the mommy noticed that she was feeling kinda funny. She came home over her lunch hour and took a special test. Mamma said, "whoa!" Mamma said, "whoa!" She showed Daddy the test. "We're having a tiny baby," they said.

They were really excited. Mommy's tummy got bigger and bigger and bigger. And people threw parties for that tiny baby.

We were pretty sure this tiny baby was a boy. We called him Bart.

Then, as it was getting closer to the tiny baby coming, Granny called on the phone. She told the mommy that the tiny baby needed to be born on December 26 because it would work well with her work schedule. The mommy laughed and told her to tell that to Bart. So, mommy put the phone down by her tummy and Granny told Bart when to be born. ( laugh here about how this is the only time Bart has ever really obeyed)

On Christmas night, Granny and Papa came up to visit everybody. It wasn't supposed to be time for that baby to be born yet (Bart wasn't supposed to come for three more weeks). But, sure enough, while everyone was watching The Sound of Music, mommy felt a funny pop. Momma said, "whoa - the tiny baby is coming".

Mommy asked Granny if she wanted to come to the hospital. Granny said yes. So, Daddy drove Mommy and Granny across the street to the hospital.

It didn't take long. And at 2:30AM, momma said, "whoa" and out shot that tiny baby like a rocket. The doctor put that wiggly little baby up on Mommy's tummy. Mommy and Daddy said, "We'll name him E*** S*** E***. And we love him very much!"

That's not the ending. That's just the beginning!

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