Monday, January 3, 2011

God's hand in things

Yesterday, at the ER, we had terrific nurses! They were so compassionate. It really made the experience much more bearable.
(Is anyone a fan of visiting the hospital?!)

One of the nurses was touched by Pumpkin's story. He looked at me and asked if I had other kids. I laughed and said yes, three boys. He realized then that I probably would have little to nothing for a girl. He mentioned that he has one at home the same size as Pumpkin. He asked for my number and said that he would bring me some clothes.

Sure enough, he called this afternoon and asked for directions to my house. He showed up with several different outfits, a little jacket, a brand new hooded towel and a brand new doll for Pumpkin.

God's hand is all over this! I was scared yesterday. I didn't think I was equipped to handle a little one with the developmental delays that Pumpkin has. That fear has been completely erased. Granted, she's getting along better today than yesterday. She can walk pretty good at home. Our house is arranged so that she can almost always grab hold of something. She's talking a little more too. I think I've heard about 2 dozen different words. We had a great giggle fest while playing with the dry erase board this morning. She would point at the board for me to draw a picture. Then she would either say what the picture was or repeat what I said. Then she would take the erasure and wipe the board clean. Giggling the entire time. She thought it was hilarious!

And a complete stranger reached out to us with a donation.
If that's not God - I don't know what it is!

This is Mr. Amazing's first real experience dealing with someone that is developmentally delayed. He too has been a little weirded out by it all. Sounds harsh saying that. But this whole experience has been a major adjustment! However, when Mr. Amazing walks in the room and Pumpkin looks up and says "hi Dad"... he melts! He's even agreed to change a diaper if necessary. (Please keep in mind he changed just as many diapers as I did when our three were younger!!! However, it's a lot different changing the diaper of a five year old that just moved in.)

Cherub 1 donated his stuffed Sponge Bob to the cause. Pumpkin's favorite character EVER is Sponge Bob!!! (Followed closely by Dora.)

Cherub 2 announced today that "he OK with all this". It's helped that Pumpkin is so easy to take care of. TT has managed to keep all his anxiety in check!

Cherub 3 has given Pumpkin several different toys. He got down on the floor and played with her tonight after supper too. It's so sweet!

I know a lot of people put all kinds of restrictions on what kinds of kids they will foster. There's nothing wrong with most of them! That's one of the advantages of fostering. You can say no to a placement. Birth order is important to some. Others only do boys...or only foster girls. Race (unfortunately) is an issue in some families. I could go on and on.

When we signed up for this I felt our restrictions were pretty limited. No middle school girls. (We have a middle school boy and I'm not dealing with those hormones!) No major safety concerns - known fire starting, known harm to animals, known sexual perpetration, etc. The last restriction was no major medical issues. I just didn't think we were equipped to handle those things.

Now it looks like I'll have physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more in my future.

You know how to make God laugh don't you....

...just tell Him your plans!


noisycolorfullively said...

I'm so excited to see you faring so well. Cheerios sounds like a treasure! Enjoy your time with her and may God conitinue to pour out blessings on y'all!

MamaFoster said...

i am so glad you got to see God's love thru that person giving to your little girl. HE is so good like that. i love hearing about people taking a step out of their box and giving to kids who have barely anything.

I'm so proud of you and HAPPY for you! i hope that no matter how long you have her you are able to enjoy her.

jendoop said...

What a good reminder for me not to fear our next placement!
(the last one was so easy that I'm bracing myself)

Ange said...

We are beginning our county's FC/A classes this Sunday. Your post was helpful because we have a lot of questions about restrictions on placements. Would you mind if I asked you some questions "off blog"?