Monday, January 31, 2011

Mom, I'm too sick to go to school

By and large, I let my kids direct how they feel and how they want to handle things. My oldest has stayed home from school "sick" before. I'm never too concerned. I figure if they want to stay home and be treated like a sick person, oh well. I don't allow an abundance of TV or video games. (They're sick you know. They need their rest.) And in the afternoon, when everyone comes home from school, they have to stay inside. I always call them out on it and let them know that I KNOW they aren't really sick. In the case of my oldest it's always because he's tired. Cherub 2 has high anxiety that looks like he's sick. (He can even work up a fever if he's really stressed.)

Anyway...Cherub 3 woke up this morning convinced that he was sick.

Bart had also had an accident in the middle of the night that required new sheets and all. No one slept well last night! So, I knew that his real problem was that he was tired.

I went through the usual routine. He was instructed to eat some breakfast first. Because there was no vomiting or fever, he was required to eat something so we could assess how "sick" he really was. It was quickly apparent that he was fine. He finished getting ready for school without problems.

In walks Cherub 1. Herman looked at me with the most pathetic face and said that he didn't feel good. I sized him up and down. He had already missed school on Friday because we let him attend a Christian Motorcycle Association rally half-way across the state. He also has an algebra test today - so he really needed to be in school.

So, I said, "Herman. You're tired. You'll live. Go get ready for school."

Bart pipes up from the kitchen, "Yeah Herman. It didn't work for me either."