Sunday, January 2, 2011

More info on the second placement

It has been an interesting day to say the least.

The little miss slept and slept. Finally, around 11:30 or so I decided I'd wake her up. I figured I'd change her diaper. Then, since she woke up a little to let me do that, I decided to bathe her.

As we went into the bathroom and I turned on the water, she looked at me and said, "hot". I thought for sure she was going to be scared of the bath but she climbed in without any problems. As I was getting her washed up I noticed some discoloring on her back that looked sort of like scars and bruising. Since she was so sleepy and out of it, I questioned if perhaps she was under the influence of something as well. I called the on-call worker at our agency and she directed me to the ER.

So, off to the ER we went. Thankfully we got in quickly. They assessed her, did blood work and x-rays. Then we sat around and waited. And waited. And waited. It was a little bizarre to wait for so long with a small child that just sat there. She didn't talk. All she did was thumb through a Sponge Bob activity book that she found and latched on to at our house right before we left. At one point in time, while eating some Cheerios, we did have a cute little moment. She took the Cheerio and put it between her lips. Then she quickly sucked it into her mouth and giggled. I took a Cheerio myself and did the same thing. She thought it was pretty funny.

I'm going to call the precious little thing Cheerio on this blog. (This was the original name I gave to Pumpkin before I switched things on this "new" blog.)

The doctor finally came and did her assessment. She told me that the blood work and urine sample detected nothing. The x-rays showed no broken bones. And then she determined that the marks on Pumpkin' back are scars and pigment discoloration - most likely from a previous injury. She sent us on our merry way.

All of this is speculation but this is what's I've figured out so far:
Pumpkin was probably a preemie. She has had a feeding tube at some time in her life.
She most likely has fetal alcohol syndrome. Her facial features are tell-tale for that.
I'm guessing that she's got cerebral palsy. That would explain the developmental delays and the limp.

It's been relatively smooth sailing. The only crying she's done was while they were putting in her IV so they could draw blood and then again during the x-rays. That's normal! She's called for her mommy several different times. Again, normal. She ate a good supper - even the fruits and veggies. She will walk on her own now a bit, but she's very wobbly. She talks just a little. While reading a book at the hospital she pointed to a couple different things and told me what they were. Thankfully, her first language is English. (Whew!) And, when I put her to bed, she went down and stayed in bed.

I have to take her to our family doctor tomorrow. We'll go from there. Mr. Amazing and I still aren't sure if this is the best fit for our family. Pumpkin functions around the level of an 18-24 month old child. That's pretty challenging when she's the size of a five year old. But for now, she's safe. And we'll love on her as long as she stays!


jendoop said...

I'm glad she's with you for now. I understand if she becomes too much but for the transition into foster care you will do a lot to stabilize her issues.

Oh, my heart goes out to her! (and you) I am always amazed at how desperately children want to be loved - that they cling to the only love they know(calling out for mom) even when it was hurtful.

Mary said...

Glad to hear that Cheerio is in a safe place! Bless you both.