Sunday, January 23, 2011

Naming my kids

By and large I'm quite the FreeRange parent. Fostering does change that some. I find myself second guessing decisions just because CPS is "so close" to my family. On my old blog I was completely comfortable using our family's real names. I personally don't think there are predators out there that are going to scour through blogs, find out kids' names, then go to the work of finding those kids and then somehow use the fact that they know the kid's name against them. It's possible - just not probable.

However, because I gave my blog address to several different people at our agency it is possible (and probable) that they could check up on me to see if I'm following the rules as a foster parent concerning social medias. That's why I'm starting up a blog that is slightly less identifiable. I'm also going to use "fake" names for all my kids - not just my foster children.

For fun, I figured I'd let everyone in on where those names came from.

During the times that I've been pregnant I never liked to actually call the life inside of me "baby". My oldest was Baby Herman. Honestly - named after the baby in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The cigar smoking baby totally cracked me up.

My middle son was adopted at birth through the foster care system. Obviously I didn't have a name for him during pregnancy. However, when the nurse at the hospital put that perfect, beautiful, blond haired baby in my arms for the first time, the name (Patrick Scot) I had thought we would give to our next-born son just didn't fit. I just couldn't bring myself to naming such an amazing baby after a stupid starfish. So, Mr. Amazing and I spent a day tossing around names until we finally decided on one. In the meantime, he was Tomato Trout. (Stupid - but funny. I nearly wet my pants laughing when Mr. Amazing came up with that one.)

My hubby has called me Pookie Bear since we started dating (after 18 years it's just been shortened to Bear). When I found out I was pregnant with our third baby, it was just after we had watched some nature show about grizzly bears. A "bear" name for our growing baby seemed appropriate. Two bears had been featured on the special - one named HoneyBump and one named Bart. HoneyBump was too long of a nickname for a fetus. So Bart it was.

Those are the cherubs that call me Mom. I love me some Herman, TT & Bart!!

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Cheryl said...

Good names! I approve. =)