Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rusty skills

Pumpkin had ANOTHER doctor appointment yesterday. This one was to get caught up on her vaccines. She needed six. They combo'd a few and she got four pokes. One in each leg and one in each arm.

I didn't have any children's Tylenol on hand so they wrote me a script. I filled it after her appointment and was able to give her a dose about two hours after she got her shots. She seemed fine though.

At bedtime it seemed that the pain from one of the shots rendered it impossible for her to walk at all. I had to carry her in to brush her teeth. She wasn't running a fever though and she was in a terrific mood.

She made a lot of noise during the night though. Starting at...oh, I dunno...about six hours after her Tylenol wore off. Not crying per se. But she woke up completely. She talked a little. She made her humming/moaning sound a little.

I didn't make the connection.

No. I started wondering how messed up her sleep schedule must have been when she was at home. I drifted in and out of sleep and daydreamed that she got out of bed and started walking around our neighborhood. I got out of bed multiple times myself to check on her and tell her it was nigh-nigh time.

But noooooo.... I didn't have sense enough to give her more Tylenol.

She woke up just after 8:00 this morning. Mr. Amazing heard her and said that she was calling for Momma. Then, he mentions, "So, do you suppose she was awake all night because her Tylenol wore off?" I groaned and said that I hadn't even thought of that. Man my skills are rusty! Then, he shares that he thought of it in the middle of the night but figured that I had thought of it too so he didn't say anything.

I just might have chewed him out a little for not saying anything. I just might have mentioned that I had a really crappy night's sleep. I just might have mentioned that next time he needs to be a parent too and either do something about it or at least nudge me and say something.

Needless to say I changed her diaper and gave her some meds. Hopefully the pain from the shots will wear off soon.