Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dentist, Therapies & A Worker...Oh My

Where do I even start?

I have spent soooooo many hours in medical facilities over the past two weeks! Again I say...it's a good thing I'm not in this for the money. 'Cause my graphic design clients are having to wait a little bit longer for their proofs... I'm not even making the dough on my "real" job.

Thankfully though, Pumpkin is easy to take care of. I'm not completely stressing out. The child possesses the ability to just sit in a chair and do nothing for extremely long periods of time. Granted, this behavior is quite odd. But, given the fact that spending a lot of time in medical facilities involves spending a LOT of time waiting...I'm not complaining about this facet of her development.

Today was jam packed! We started out by taking my cherubs to school. Then I raced home and crammed as much freelancing into my morning as possible. At 9:45 we left to head to a pediatric dentist about a half an hour away.

Of course Pumpkin failed her exam there as miserably as she did the exam last week at my "normal" dentist. Picture much screaming and gnashing of teeth. However, she is now scheduled for surgery next Friday where they will put her under general anesthesia to take x-rays, perform a complete exam and do all of the restorative work that she needs done. Granted, this appointment is on the calendar. I am awaiting approval from someone in authority on her case before it can happen. I believe that the CPS worker can approve it. But it might have to go in front of a judge first.

After the dentist I choked down lunch from MickeyDs (Pumpkin fully enjoyed hers) and we raced back home to her therapy evaluations. Oh - but I popped into her family doctor to see if they could fill out the form that will release Pumpkin for the dental procedure. (Her family doc is located right next door to the therapy clinic.) The family doc has to clear her for surgery. Please keep in mind that this same clinic has seen Pumpkin three times in the past two weeks. But no. The doctor can't just fill out the form. We have an appointment tomorrow at 3:30 for that. I can hardly wait. (sigh)

Anyway, we spent three hours at the pediatric rehab facility getting Pumpkin fully tested by a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist. Without going into all the details, I was spot-on when I said that Pumpkin is developmentally between 18-24 months. I believe she fell at 19 months after the evaluations were complete. (Maybe a little lower than that in her language skills.) She has been set up for therapies three times a week (one hour for each therapy). That's nine hours of therapy a week!! Thankfully - this will be taking place during school hours and the clinic provides transportation from school to therapy and then to my home when she's finished. Whew!

I raced home after the therapy evaluations to my cherubs. I checked my email and saw that yes, Pumpkin's CPS case worker was going to come by tonight. She had emailed me this morning to say she wanted to stop by. I was to call her when we got back from everything. Thankfully her worker showed up on time and completed the visit in a timely fashion. She took everything I had to say about Pumpkin's development seriously. She also completely respected my decision to have her do therapies during the school day. I never once felt like I was playing second fiddle to her decision making power. It was quite refreshing!!

Visits with mom will start on Monday - 2x a week (Mondays and Fridays). We have a Family Group Conference scheduled next Thursday. My appointment calendar is so booked I barely have any room left for anything. But all things are lining up and working out well so far. I haven't lost my mind yet.

If only I could get Pumpkin to stop filling her diaper AFTER I put her in bed. Potty training is a long way off. But I'd love it if she could just tell me she has pooped. Seriously. Sleeping with that on your bum all night?! Yuck!

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jendoop said...

That is a lot to take on, I'm glad that you have help in the way of therapists and a cooperative case worker. Good luck with it all!