Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The System - explained further

The judge where we live at requires ALL children - no matter the age, to attend court. At least that is how it has been explained to me. In fact, I was told that he requires children that have been placed with relatives out of state to be flown back for court hearings.

However, I JUST got a phone call from CPS. Apparently the judge does not require sick children to attend court. And, despite the fact that I told the worker that Pumpkin isn't "sick", her seizure disorder qualifies her to not have to attend.

When asked if I needed anything, I just reiterated the fact that I'd like to have some of Pumpkin's things. She came to me with the clothes on her back. I realize it's a pain, but for the two hours that it would take a social worker to leave their office, drive to the home of the child, pick up a few things and then bring them to really bothers me that it's not a priority. These kids are confused enough. To leave them completely empty handed bothers me. Granted, I know that many kids have very little to begin with. But what they do have is "theirs" and it should be important to get it to them as soon as possible.

I'm glad that Pumkin and I get to stay home today. Court would have been VERY confusing for her. It wouldn't be like a visit where she could actually spend some time with her mommy. I'm not sure if they'd even let them sit together. I have yet to get to attend a court hearing actually in front of a judge. (With our last placement we were taken to a back conference room so the girls wouldn't have to face the man and woman that had so horribly abused them.)

So, I called our agency to talk to our worker there. I asked that she talk to the lawyer and GAL about the possible physical abuse and the medical neglect. I sure hope that everyone communicates well about the actual situation at hand here. Thankfully my SW at our agency is terrific about relaying information to me quickly. I'm still going to be nervous all day until I hear what happens in front of the judge.


MamaFoster said...

i am glad she didn't have to be at court, it is interesting that all other kids HAVE to be at court where you are and where i am they are NOT allowed in court.

doesn't this huge difference seem crazy to you?

Our Journey said...

Ahhh..I guess every state/county is different. Some judges here like to see the kids (if the foster parent chooses to take them) and others do not want any kids in the courtroom. There are no requirements (unless of course they are being interviewed) for the kids being/not being in the courtroom. I have never taken Little Man just because he's a LOUD toddler! lol!

jendoop said...

I hate court days, I usually try to distract myself by being busy.

So I take it that there is only one judge in your county? I appreciate the balance that comes from having more than one judge in a county. In a county near us where one judge heard all of the juvenile cases he sentenced nearly all cases to a certain facility for treatment. Turns out he was getting a kickback from the treatment facility. Checks and balances my friends, checks and balances!

Mary said...

Glad Cheerios didn't have to go to court- how confusing that could have been. Not to mention traumatic in some cases- (like with your last placement.)