Monday, January 10, 2011

Visits starting

I didn't take notes yesterday in church. So I can't point you to the exact verses we covered in the sermon. You'll just have to trust me that this stuff is in the Bible.  :)

God doesn't hold our sin against us.

God is love.

If we want to be effective Christians, we too must BE love.

That means we can't hold other people's sin against them.

Nope. Can't do it. Can't try to make them feel bad for what they've done. Can't hold it over their heads saying if they want to know God, they have to make a big deal about their past. We're supposed to forgive and show them love. We can't hold their sin against them.

I heard this message and knew it was for me. I thought it was to prepare me for meeting Pumpkin's mom at court on Wednesday. I'm in favor of family reunification. It generally is what's best for all involved. Kids need their parents. It's how we are designed.

Then I found out that CPS has approved visits before our first court hearing. Ooookaayyy. (Be sure to say that with some hesitation.) Then the SW starts asking me some general questions. Kind of like she was doing a home visit over the phone. Ooookaayyy. (Not exactly protocol. I'm pretty sure she was supposed to come to the house.) Then the SW tells me that Mom took Pumpkin off her seizure medicine awhile ago. Mom just doesn't remember when. This time take a big breath before you say ooookaayy.

I called our agency and asked to talk to our SW there. She used to work with CPS so she knows both sides of things and how it's "supposed" to work. Even she seemed surprised that CPS would approve visits before the judge weighs in on the matter. And...we have court on Wednesday so it's not like that the wait is much longer. She also thinks it's fishy that visits would start when the signs of medical neglect seem quite apparent. Really, the judge should make this kind of call.

So, I may get to meet Mom sooner than Wednesday. I have to pay close attention to my self talk. Ooohhhh...I want to be really mad at her. I can't say that I enjoyed spending ALL DAY in the hospital last Thursday because she took it upon herself to stop medicating her child (with a medication that is pretty important). But I can't hold her past faults against her. No matter how much my flesh wants to. The important thing is that Pumpkin is safe now. Not wandering the streets. Getting the meds she needs. And hopefully Mom will work her case plan and everyone can be reunited.


jendoop said...

Red flags! Our agency has a policy that we can't have a visit with the county worker without an agency worker present. I really like the policy, it helps us to all be on the same page with transparency. A visit over the phone does not promote teamwork and transparency!

I would say that is big medical neglect! Every seizure damages the brain, so not being on medication means more brain damage = more life long issues for Cheerio. I hope the court takes this seriously!

Cheryl said...

So did she end up with a visit today?? I admire your approach-- it is the best, although I don't know if I could refrain from nasty thoughts in my head. =)

MamaFoster said...

isn't the foster care system fun? the part i like about it is everyone can make up the rules as they go along!