Friday, January 28, 2011

You don't do this for the money!

Today has been a long day. I don't know what it is about sitting around and waiting - but it just seems to drain me of all my energy.

Pumpkin had dental surgery this morning. Basically, if you wear scrubs, Pumpkin hates you and will not cooperate with anything. Thus, getting dental treatment in the traditional way isn't possible. She had to be put under general anesthesia to have the full exam performed, x-rays and then all the restoration completed.

Pumpkin got twelve (yes...that's 12!!!) crowns today. There may have been other cavities as well. What a dental disaster. (I've already had a conversation with her mom, who came to the procedure this morning as well, about restricting the juice and other sugary liquids. Of course I'm not counting on anything to change. But I had to say something!)

Pumpkin woke up the absolute crabbiest I've seen her yet. I was told this is very common with kids coming out of surgery. In fact, the little girl next to us in the recovery room was screaming as loud as Pumpkin was. It was very difficult though. Pumpkin wanted her mommy and was stuck with me. The hospital only allows one person back in recovery and mom doesn't have the right for unsupervised visits yet. So - it had to be me.

Pumpkin screamed all the way home. First, she wanted her mommy. Then she wanted her book. Then she dropped her book and screamed and writhed and screamed some more. I pulled over, readjusted her in the car seat and handed her the book back. Of course, in her loopy post-surgery state, she dropped the book again. This time I pulled over, readjusted Pumpkin, took the book from her and put it in the front seat. It didn't stop the screaming but at least she wasn't writhing in her seat trying to get the book on the floor next to the door (ya know - far enough away that I couldn't reach it without stopping and getting out of the van).

Pumpkin seems to be recovering just fine. I hate being the mean mom that keeps making her have to do these things that make her so miserable. But, that's part of parenting. Her mom kept making all kinds of excuses yesterday during the FGC about why Pumpkin didn't have glasses that were prescribed over a year ago, or her vaccines up to date and things like that. I looked her mom in eye and said that part of parenting is doing the hard things - even when our kids don't like it.

It's somewhat exhausting making up for several years of medical neglect. But we're almost there. Then, maybe I can take a breather and not be in the doctor's office multiple times a week.

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MamaFoster said...

the money thing is laughable...for all the time and effort i am sure we only get about $.02 an hour :)