Friday, February 25, 2011

Behavior mod rewards

For earning my seven stickers, I rewarded myself with a margarita earlier this week. It was delicious! When my sister (Bratface) proposed the idea of behavior mod, she said that she was going to send me a reward as well. Quite honestly though, I was happy enough with the margarita so I had forgotten about her promise of a treat as well.

A large box of Luvs came in the mail to me today with Bratface's return address. I giggled when I figured out that it was my reward for good behavior.

To my surprise, I opened the box and inside there were...diapers.

Oh joy. Funny. Ha ha.

So I started digging through the diapers. I figured my "real" prize was tucked in the middle of the box. As I started moving things around, a piece of chocolate fell out of a diaper. I opened up the next diaper to discover another piece of chocolate and small group of stickers.

66 diapers later I had 66 pieces of delicious chocolate and a whole pile of stickers.

My family is a total crackup. (Bratface collaborated with my mother on the reward.)

Adding to the humor, it has been over 90° almost every day this week. Much of the chocolate was soft and melty. Given how I earned said chocolate I had to laugh. Diapers...with melted chocolate in them?! How could I not laugh???

I popped all the chocolate promptly into the fridge and went out to pick up all the cherubs from school. I'm glad to report that even the most melty Lindor Truffles firmed up just fine and taste absolutely delicious. Gotta love behavior mod!


jendoop said...

That is the best!! What a great supportive family you have!! And I'm jealous of your 90 degrees!

MamaFoster said...

the perfect prize :)