Sunday, February 13, 2011

Typical week

There isn't a whole lot to report on right now. We've pretty much slid into a half-way decent routine. Of course, it's still crazy busy. At least it feels that way to me. I'm a taxi cab driver.

This week...
No school. Yeah!
9:15AM - Pumpkin is being evaluated for occupational therapy. ('cause...the place I took her to before didn't bother to tell me that they don't take foster kid Medicaid - oh crap! The number stays the same but the actual kind of Medicaid changes and not all providers take it! Acckk!! I love learning stuff like this the hard way.) We're starting all over from scratch with a new pediatric rehab center. Hopefully Pumpkin will get into therapies very soon!
5:00PM - take Pumpkin to family visit at the CPS office
6:00PM - take Herman to counseling (he's got some depression issues that go beyond typical teenage stuff)
7:00PM - pick Pumpkin up from family visit then immediately run over to pick up Herman

7:30AM - take the cherubs to school (The bus comes too early in the morning. I don't need my kids waiting around at the school for over an hour when we only live around 3 miles away.)
12:30PM - Pumpkin has a follow-up dentist appointment to see if she healed OK from the massive dental reconstruction she had done.
Because I'll have Pumpkin with me, the cherubs will ride the bus home from school. The bus drops them off after school just 15 minutes after they get out. Much faster to ride home.

7:30AM - take the cherubs to school
8:30AM - This one is almost funny. Pumpkin has to go to our agency to have a psychological evaluation done. Hmmmm. Do they do these on babies?! I'll say it again...Pumpkin doesn't communicate! I'm not sure what they think they are going to find out.

7:30AM - take the cherubs to school
9:15AM - Pumpkin has physical therapy and speech therapy evaluations.
11:00AM - Court. Thankfully Pumpkin is excused from having to attend this. (Only because of her epilepsy. Doesn't make sense to me - but I'm not going to complain.) I'm sure we'll end up meeting with at least one of her lawyers that day. Hopefully it will just be a phone call though. Last time her GAL came to the house after court to visit.
3:00PM - Because Pumpkin isn't "officially" staffed special ed yet, she doesn't have access to the bus as it wouldn't be safe to put her on the regular bus with all the able-bodied children. Therefore, any day that Pumpkin finishes out the day at school means I get to wait in the pick-up line. (One of the worst parts of my day bar none!)

7:30AM - take the cherubs to school
No appointments today!! Think I'll get any actual work done?!
3:00PM - pick the cherubs up from school
5:00PM - take Pumpkin to a family visit at Burger King (they're fumigating the CPS office)
7:00PM - pick Pumpkin up from the family visit

Thankfully Pumpkin handles the transitions well. Even the ones following a visit. She pretty much gets in the car with me and life goes on like normal. It's almost sad that she doesn't seem to care anymore. It's hard to tell in general if she's asking for her Mommy or not as she's started calling me Mommy. I only refer to myself as Mamma L***. And my kids all call me Mom. But, to her, I'm Mommy. She rarely asks for her siblings either anymore. It's sad. Easier for me. But very sad.

As for life around the house - I'm continuing to work on myself. The poopy diapers tick me off every single time. I've really got to get over it. I know I do. But there is something so gross about a child this age just sitting in their own poo. I swear she should know that she's dirty and at least say something. (Her mom claims she does but I think her mom must be dreaming!) Being slammed in to parenting special needs takes quite an adjustment. But, we're getting there.

I'm counting down the days until the 21st. Mr. Amazing has the day off from work (federal holiday) and the cherubs all have school. We're going to get to have an all day date!!! (Working from home certainly has its advantages!!) Here's to praying that none of the cherubs get sick or have some appointment scheduled 'cause my Franklin Covey is booked that day!


jendoop said...

You're reminding me how quiet my life has become since Bobby left. We're open and waiting, I should get as much sleep as possible!

MamaFoster said...

so glad things are smoothing out even if that still looks crazy to other people!