Saturday, March 19, 2011

Communication snafu

When you provide respite where I live you are compensated for the nights that the children actually sleep in your home.

I swear the family we're doing respite for said they were picking up the kids on Saturday. I swear I heard them say that.

But no. We are doing respite "through Saturday". And according to the family that dropped these wonderful cherubs off, that means they are picking them up Sunday afternoon.

So I now I get absolutely no time with just my three cherubs and Pumpkin over spring break. If I had known that, I would have said no.

Especially since I found out from our worker that this family requested respite only because they have a licensing review next week and they need to bring their home up to minimum standards. I honestly thought I was providing some sort of "emergency" respite for something of a more serious nature. Not just giving a family a last minute opportunity to houseclean and enjoy spring break without any children.

I think I'm going to have to practice saying "no". I don't want to say no to the kids. I really don't. But I feel taken advantage of right now and it doesn't feel good.


Julie said...

Foster parents like that give us all a bad name. "Minimum standard" sigh... and no loves when they were dropped off. How's the spanish-english going?

CherubMamma said...

We're getting by. It seems the little girl can speak English. I hear bits and pieces pretty regularly. And I'm quite sure she understands it very well. There are words that trip her up though so communication is far from perfect. It is still obvious Spanish is her language of choice.

I made it through one last bedtime. Tomorrow will be fine. I'm just going to be more careful when I agree to respite care in the future.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

*Sigh* I am not sure I am crazy about these people as foster parents. It is too bad that this is the kind of people the system has to accept for lack of more caring and better suited families. (Like I am assuming from your writing you are)

And sometimes I think some of us have a tattoo on our foreheads, visible to everyone BUT us that says, “ask me, I’ll say yes!”