Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fighting the crazy off by staying busy

My parents left this morning.

I am sad.

Very, very sad!

I HATE living over 1200 miles away from my entire family!

I got a phone call from another foster mom. She needs respite for two kids starting today. I wanted to say no. My son's birthday is Friday. We don't generally do "kid parties" though so there isn't anything major on the calendar. But I really wanted to just wallow in my sadness.

I checked with Mr. Amazing. He didn't mind. He seemed to think it would help keep me from feeling so sad if I kept myself busy. He's probably right.

So, I'm adding two more kiddos to the house this afternoon. They're going to stay until Saturday. I think I'm certifiable.

I've got to go now. Beds need made. Floors need swept. I've got more kids coming soon.

I think in the long run I'm crazy either way. But with a 14yoB, 7yoB, 6yoB, 6yoG, 5yoB and 2yoB at least I won't be wallowing in loneliness.

1 comment:

jendoop said...

I'm far from family too so I know your pain.

At this moment when I am sooo ready to be done with our 9 yr old respite placement (a month long) I do think you are crazy. But the good kind of crazy that makes difference in the world.

Good luck!