Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

It's been a good morning so far!

My littlest cherubs woke up and got dressed and were ready to go to school on time.

My oldest cherub was up and ready to go on time. He even ate breakfast at home! This is nothing short of a miracle. And to top it off, he was in a good mood!!!

Despite the fact that Pumpkin woke up crying and I had to feed her breakfast, she seemed to snap out of her funk by the time we got to school. In fact, she gave me my first hug ever! And I don't mean that she stood there and allowed me to hug her. I mean that she actually turned around, walked back to me, put her arms around me and gave. me. a. hug! I almost cried!!

Then, on my way out of school, the counselor stopped me in the hall. They are FINALLY ready to have the 504 meeting for Pumpkin. If special education is new to you, this post sums things up pretty well! The focus is on kids with RAD, but it explains 504s pretty well. I want Pumpkin to have this meeting so that she can ride the bus home from school. (The pick-up line is just about crazy enough to make me go insane daily!) Pumpkin meets all the requirements because of her epilepsy and severe developmental delays. If all goes well, the meeting might happen tomorrow. I'm excited!! (I want as many services as possible in place as soon as possible! The court has ordered a home study on another aunt of Pumpkin's. Of course, family is "better" than foster care. But I still don't trust that she will get the highest attention to her medical and educational needs. If I have the services in place, there will be more people advocating for Pumpkin even if I'm not in the picture.)

And the best part of this mom and dad are leaving soon to make the 1200+ mile drive down to visit me and my family! I can't wait to see them!!!!

If you're a praying kind of person, please be in prayer over this visit. There are health concerns for my dad. My mom will be doing all the driving. And, despite my best efforts to have their background check in place for this visit (I filed the paperwork with our agency last August) we still don't have clearance from the FBI. (Yes, our agency requires a full FBI fingerprint background check for any overnight visitors over the age of 18.) If that paperwork doesn't make it back from Washington to our agency by Wednesday, Pumpkin will have to go into emergency respite care. It would totally suck for Pumpkin. But my agency will make no exceptions. (Even though it's largely their fault the paperwork didn't get filed correctly or in a timely fashion.) And, because I rarely get to see my parents, I'm not going to make them stay in a hotel. I'm praying that the paperwork will arrive in time!!

No matter what happens, I'm going to stay positive. This WILL be a good week! Happy Monday y'all!

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jendoop said...

I really hope it all works out for the visit. It would be sad if pumpkin had to go elsewhere just as she is now beginning to show some attachment to you. Yeah for the hug!