Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're home

Pumpkin was discharged this afternoon. I'm glad to be home! Unfortunately, our doctor visits are no where near over. We have to follow up with her primary care physician tomorrow. We have to go as a walk-in too as the only appointment available was at 2:00 and that doesn't allow enough time to get in, be done and get home in time for the other cherubs when they arrive from school. We also have to follow up with her neurologist next Friday. Again - as a walk-in. The doctor didn't think it was necessary to actually schedule an appointment. <<sigh>>

I'm tired of doctors.

For now though, Pumpkin seems to be feeling much better. I just hope my patience grows by leaps and bounds. I'm finding that my frustration with her inability to do things is growing. I might need to start a new sticker chart for myself.  :)  Either way, I think I am going to have a margarita after all the cherubs are in bed tonight. I think I've earned it.

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noisycolorfullively said...

So I've been running crazy and missed all the excitement here. Glad you guys are home. Glad Pumpkin's better. Birth parent's are crazy. Hope things stay mellow for you for a bit. Enjoy those margaritas!