Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear New Week

Dear New Week,

Last week really stunk. On Monday I had to sit through an ARD meeting where it seemed no one had a clue about my little girl. Then, that afternoon, I met with a social worker. She told me that odds are, my little girl will never go home. In all her years as a social worker (both with CPS and our agency) she's only seen one special needs child actually go back home. This news made me really, really sad.

On Tuesday I had to drive almost an hour away to pick up the leg braces for my little girl. It's a good thing and all, but very time consuming.

Wednesday seemed to be better. But then we accepted placement of a beautiful little girl and intake wasn't done until 1:00AM. Ya know, I need more sleep than that.

Thursday was pretty intense. New placements are like that. And then, because CPS screwed things up, this new little girl was taken from my house and put with her little sister. I'm glad she got to be with her sister. But this little girl really wanted to stay at my house and I felt really bad that CPS couldn't work things out so that her little sister could join our family instead.

Friday my husband hurt his ankle at work. I didn't go to the ER with him but I did stay up late at home waiting for him to be done – just in case he needed me. He's in a splint now and can't get around too good. He's in a lot of pain.

Saturday was OK enough. But Pumpkin fell and split her lip open right at bedtime after her bath. First we went to the doctor's office since one of the locations she can go to is open until midnight. However, can you believe this...they don't have the ability to do stitches or even Dermabond at the doctor's office?! We had to go to the ER anyway!! Injuries like this are a pain when the kid is "your own". But are you aware of how many people have to be informed when a foster kid hurts themselves?!

So, New Week, I'd like a break. Could you help all my kids sleep really good? Maybe heal everyone? I don't have any appointments on my calendar and that is nothing short of a miracle. I'd like it to stay that way please. I've got cleaning to do. Freelancing to catch up on. And a huge mountain of laundry. If you can New Week, I'd really like you to take it easy on me so I can get this stuff done.

~ Cherub Mamma

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MamaFoster said...

amen sister, hop your week is shaping up better :)