Thursday, April 14, 2011

The story is never right the first time

CPS arrived last night around 11:30 with a very beautiful, and very scared, 10 year old little girl (I'm going to call her Belle). We sat down and started signing the mountain of paperwork. The worker from our agency screwed up and didn't arrive on time. When I called her to find out where she was, she said that she was still over 1/2 an hour away because she thought CPS was going to call her one more time to tell her when to be at my house. (communication snafu!)

So, we had to sit and wait and wait and wait. I couldn't put Belle to bed because she had to sign stuff for our agency too. She was shy and pretty much just sat and listened to the workers and I talking. The workers asked me questions about other placements I've had and stuff like that. I explained how our first placement was a sibling group and how it was very VERY difficult. The worker then said, "So you don't take sibling groups anymore?"

I gave her a funny look and said "No, I don't have a problem with sibling groups. Why?"

It wasn't a sibling group of five being split up last night. It was only a sibling group of two. We were given a choice between two boys (ages 5 and 8) or this 10 year old girl last night. Turns out - those were two completely separate cases. Belle has a little four year old sister and CPS wanted to keep them together. However, someone in intake screwed it up and when they were talking to foster families, they didn't give anyone the option to keep the girls together.

So, last night as they were dropping off Belle's sister, the other foster family expressed a desire to keep the girls together. They offered up their home. Of course nothing can be done without a mountain of paperwork so Belle still had to come to our house. When CPS arrived here and I found out that the girls had been split up on accident, I said that Belle's sister is welcome at our home. The workers said they would talk with their supervisor today. Belle said that she wants to stay here. I'm hoping they will take that into consideration.

As for Belle's health -- she's fine. She's very knowledgeable about her seizures and says they are under control. She described them to me and told me what she likes to have her mom do when she has a seizure. There are no other disabilities! (whew!!)

For now, I just have to sit and wait until someone in the bureaucracy gets this whole thing straightened out with the two girls. We may go back to just having Pumpkin. Or, we may add one more and be full to capacity. It's quite an adventure!!

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jendoop said...

Is it really that difficult to keep two kids together?! That is frustrating. Kudos to you for taking in another child.