Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You

Thank You for keeping the drama to a minimum last week.
Thank You for helping Cherub 1 make some connections about sleep this week. I know that getting enough sleep is paramount for my sanity. However, convincing a 14 year old of that fact is quite difficult. (You can send them to their rooms – but you can't make them sleep.) I'm glad he got something of a clue this week and started taking better care of himself.

Thank You for the CPS visit this week. It was good to hear that Pumpkin's mom is actually on her way to getting Pumpkin back. Yes, what she did was horribly horribly wrong! But ultimately, I believe parents deserve a second chance. That's what this whole foster care system is set up for. Pumpkin's mom is doing everything her case plan says. Yes, she's going to need to be monitored for a long time to ensure Pumpkin's overall safety. But it was hard for me to think that they were just "toying with everyone" by having visits and talking about Pumpkin going home if that wasn't even a possibility. I know the judge has the final say. But it was good to hear the CPS worker have a slightly positive attitude toward reunification.

Thank You for all the friends that have been in and out of my house all week. I love being the neighborhood house where kids feel comfortable enough to hang out in my front yard even when I'm not home. I love how they all know where we keep the glasses at and that they don't have to ask for something to drink. I want those kinds of relationships around

Thank You for the new employment possibility that opened up this week for my husband. Open the doors if it's Your will. We will gladly follow!

And thank You for the most blessed holiday of the year. Christmas is nothing compared to Easter. Despite the huge amounts of chocolate that now fill my house, wonderful conversations about Your sacrifice have been had all week. Thank You God for loving me enough to die for me. Thank You for your mercies that are new every day. Thank You for new life!

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