Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Court tomorrow

The kids we did respite for brought the stomach flu to our home. I have spent the last four days dealing with sick people. (The carpet cleaner is still out on the floor in Bart and TT's room. Shhhh....don't tell CPS that it's not locked up.) Both Mr. Amazing and I went down for the count at the same time Sunday night. Not good I tell you. Not good at all.

Providing Pumpkin doesn't succumb to the bug tonight, we will be at court tomorrow morning. It should be interesting. I have yet to actually get to attend court since we became licensed down here. With our first girls, we were to attend...but while waiting outside the courtroom for their case to be called, the abuser showed up (in his orange jumpsuit no less). The lawyers shuffled us back to a conference room where I simply waited (and waited and waited) with the girls until the case was handled. Their second court date got pushed back a few hours so the judge excused the girls after we waited for over an hour in the foyer of the courthouse.

With Pumpkin she has been excused because of her seizures. Silly reason really. She's never had any issues on court days. But, the judge wants to meet her now so we'll show up.

I'm praying that wisdom will prevail tomorrow!!

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