Thursday, May 12, 2011

A day...

6:20AM - Turned on the light in the hall to hopefully wake Pumpkin up in a gentle sort of way so maybe, just maybe she won't scream her head off at me.

6:30AM - Went into Pumpkin's room to get her dressed for school. Surprised to have her get out of bed without screaming. Unfortunately, I was also greeted with an exploded diaper full of diarrhea. Yippee. More sheets to wash.

6:45AM - Fed Pumpkin breakfast. She didn't eat. I encouraged it a little but certainly didn't force things. She took a few bites on her own. Questioned whether or not to send her to school but ultimately decided that the diarrhea is relatively normal for her anyway. As is the not eating.

7:15AM - Took off Pumpkin's bib. Dumped her cereal out in the sink. Turned around to see a mess of vomit all over the table.

7:16AM - Decided that Pumpkin is not going to school.

7:30AM - Put Pumpkin in the car with all the other cherubs. Gave her a bucket and hoped like crazy she'd know what to do with it if necessary.

7:47AM - Called pediatric rehab center to let them know that Pumpkin would not be in school today.

8:02AM - Sent an email to CPS asking if Pumpkin could be excused from her visit this evening.

Times get fuzzy from here on out so I'll just bullet point things...

*** Pumpkin played like normal most of the morning.

*** Talked with the SW from our agency. Went over court proceedings from yesterday. 

*** Got email back from CPS. Was told to take Pumpkin to the doctor. I responded that perhaps if Pumpkin isn't puking, she could just go to the visit then. CPS said that would be fine. (It's more than ridiculous to take a kid with a simple stomach virus to the doctor!!)

*** Tried to schedule an appointment with Pumpkin's neurologist. CPS wants mom to get some "training" from the doctor. They won't allow extended visits until this happens. CPS wants the appointment to happen Monday. The neurologist office just about laughed at me and said the best they can do is the already scheduled appointment for June 6.

*** Got an email back from CPS concerning my need to have a monitor at tomorrow's kindergarten graduation ceremony. I do not want to be there to keep an eye on Pumpkin's mom myself. I want to enjoy the ceremony with both kids -- Pumpkin and Bart. I was told that a CASA worker would be there. Whew!

11:30AM - Pumpkin stopped playing and simply sat in the living room. I checked on her a few times. She was just sitting there.

*** Over the next 1/2 hour I watched on and off. Her eyes fluttered a little. She seemed to be zoning out. But she also seemed to respond to me speaking. I couldn't tell if it was a seizure or not.

12:00PM - Pumpkin crawled up on the couch and fell asleep.

*** Spent the next hour strategizing with my sister about how to handle the potential seizure activity and the family visit tonight.
  • I have been giving medication to give to Pumpkin if she has break-through seizures.
  • I am NOT to take her to the doctor for every little seizure!!
  • Pumpkin will probably have seizures for the rest of her life. This is who Pumpkin is.
  • So...should she go to her visit or not?
  • In order for her to get out of it, I have to take her to the doctor.
  • But I'm not supposed to take her to the doctor for every seizure. Besides, I'm not sure she even had a seizure.
  • Decide that Pumpkin will go. Pumpkin's mom has to deal with the fact that Pumpkin is not a typical child. She is going to have days like this. The visit does not put her in a position where she is not safe. I'll bring a blanket and pillow in case Pumpkin wants to sleep. I'll bring a seizure education handout to give to the monitor so they can be aware of Pumpkin's situation. Seizures aren't contagious. And she's not puking. And her diapers are fine. This is what it's like to parent a special needs child.
  • Know that CPS is going to think I have lost my mind when I try to drop her off and explain why we didn't go to the doctor. Decided that CPS is just going to have to realize that they aren't going to be able to get Pumpkin "stable" and then send her back home. Monitoring Pumpkin for seizure activity is going to be a lifelong chore.
1:30PM - Pumpkin woke up from her nap.

1:40PM - I asked Pumpkin if she wanted to eat. I bent down to kiss her forehead. Damn. She's got a fever.

1:55PM - After getting all my things I need to take Pumpkin to the doctor, I do just that...cussing all the while that I have to. No normal kid should have to go to the doctor just because they have a fever. Aren't we supposed to treat foster kids like normal kids?! But...I don't want Pumpkin to have to go to the visit tonight if she's feverish. It's not fair to the couple dozen other kids there. They don't need to be exposed. So, off to the doctor we go.

2:00PM - Call CPS to tell them that Pumpkin is going to the doctor and that she won't be going to her visit tonight. Also discuss the neurologist appointment. CPS indicates that they'll just get a court order so we can be seen sooner than June 6. Oh joy. (There goes another 4 hours of my life. We'll be a walk-in patient and they don't move those through very quickly.)

2:10PM - Rejoice because the front desk help at Pumpkin's doctor is so awesome!! They were honest that the doctors were still out to lunch and would be behind on schedule. I politely asked if there's any way we could get in and out by 3:15PM when my cherubs get home from school. They said no. From there though, they offered to give me a same-day appointment for later this afternoon. (Something they don't usually do!) They also said that they'd have Pumpkin's chart pulled and we'd get in and out quickly when we come back.

3:15PM - Finish typing up this ridiculously long blog post that says almost nothing.

I will spend the next hour or so praying that the doctor we see really does use her head and that Pumpkin does not need to be hospitalized. Because she doesn't! (But, some people like to overreact.) Hopefully we will be in and out quick enough. I'm so damn tired of the doctor's office.

Thank goodness Pizza Hut was already on the menu tonight. Too bad I'm out of margaritas.

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