Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I still haven't seen the judge

Court was at 9:30AM today. That meant I was supposed to show up no later than 9:00AM so that I would have a chance to meet with all the lawyers. (Pumpkin can't talk so they all have to meet with me.)

Pumpkin's mom came on time. (Good!) I'm sure she was nervous. I personally am always a little out of sorts when at court. Pumpkin got off my lap and went over to her mom while we waited. Once all the lawyers started talking to me, Pumpkin's mom got upset. She didn't like it when I explained that Pumpkin does not let me know about her wants and needs. That she doesn't ask to eat. Or to get a drink. Or let me know if she's got a messy diaper. She jumped in to the conversation to say that when Pumpkin was at home she could do all of those things.

Well, we kept on talking and didn't give any attention to Pumpkin's mom (the lawyers totally blew her off!). She got up and walked Pumpkin over to the vending machines. I really have no idea if she was buying candy or not for Pumpkin. It's not how I would have handled things (buying lots of candy that is). But when I'm in a room with tons of lawyers and social workers -- I know that I'm at the absolute bottom of the totem pole! So, I didn't say anything.

Well, one of Pumpkin's lawyers didn't like it and told Pumpkin's mom to not give her any more junk food. I didn't hear the conversation. But the next thing I knew, Pumpkin was crying.

This is where it got weird. Pumpkin's mom didn't move her away from the vending machines. She just stood there in front of them and told Pumpkin she couldn't have the cookies. This made Pumpkin freak out. Then, and only then, did Pumpkin's mom move her over to a chair.

During all the waiting time, the lawyers kept questioning me about Pumpkin. They had initially been planning on moving towards unsupervised weekend visits. However, as I explained what happened less than two weeks ago in the ER when Pumpkin had a day full of seizures, they decided that weekend visits weren't a good idea. Pumpkin is in care for several different reasons -- one of which is medical neglect.

Of course, Pumpkin's mom's lawyer (say that three times fast LOL) thought weekend visits were still OK. And I think even CPS did too. But Pumpkin's AL, GAL and CASA workers all thought otherwise. They were willing to compromise and said that extended unsupervised visits on a Saturday (from 9AM to 6PM) would be OK.

Well, when they finally got around to calling the case, I didn't get to go in. Pumpkin was still screaming her fool head off so I got to stay out in the waiting area with her.

Court went fast. The judge made no changes to the case. Mom still only gets two supervised visits a week. She is court ordered to attend Pumpkin's next appointment with the neurologist so she can become educated about Pumpkin's condition.

I spoke quickly with the CASA workers right after they let everyone out of court. Pumpkin wouldn't stop screaming so I left without talking to anyone else.

Pumpkin seems emotionally drained. I didn't take her back to school. Strong emotions can trigger seizures and I want to be the one monitoring her. It will be good for her to have some down time I believe. She may not have understood anything that happened this morning. But I'm sure she sensed the anxiety from her mother and was aware enough that we were completely out of routine today.

The rest of the week should be interesting. Pumpkin has a visit tomorrow. I'm sure Pumpkin's mom blames me for not getting overnight visits. But...that's her problem, not mine. And there's kindergarten graduation on Friday at school. I doubt that Pumpkin will cooperate with the program. But, she's supposed to be included. I've already sent an email to CPS telling them that someone has to come along with Pumpkin's mom if she's going to be there. I will not monitor the situation by myself.

For now, I'm going to try and get caught up with my work. I'm finally healthy enough to function in an upright position today. Though, I think I'd like to join Pumpkin in a nap. Unfortunately, my other cherubs that are home sick today are too noisy. it is.

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