Monday, June 27, 2011

Budget cuts

A few months ago our county suffered some budget problems and had to let all of the people that moderate visits go. Visits were no longer going to be held in public places. All visits had to be moved to the CPS office where they could be monitored by current CPS employees.

Pumpkin still got her two visits a week. It was a pain in the neck waiting in the CPS office for the workers to coordinate everything. But, from what I could tell, it was working OK overall.

Well, I'm not sure what has happened. Perhaps there have been too many removals lately which increased how many visits they had to coordinate each week. I got a call from our worker tonight. All parents who were receiving court ordered visits two times a week are having their visits cut down to only one time a week. The visits aren't going to be any longer to make up for the lost time. They just aren't going to be as frequent. This will free up more rooms at CPS to coordinate more visits with other families.

Pumpkin's mom is going to totally miss Pumpkin's sixth birthday (which falls on July 5th). Their visit this Thursday has been eliminated. The CPS office isn't open next Monday because of the holiday so they won't get a visit that week at all. The next time Pumpkin sees her mom will be July 11th. That's a long time to go without seeing your parent when everything for reunification is supposedly working out fine. I'm guessing CPS will be pushing to get unsupervised visits as soon as they can get time in front of a judge.

I have no real point to this story. Just putting it out there for all to see what foster care looks like in reality.


Cheryl said...

Interesting. Maybe in Pumpkin's case, it will be good. It sounds like it's time to move to unsupervised visits if reunification is the goal. But for a lot of other kids, that just stinks. Gotta love the system, right?

Sunday Koffron said...

...A mess, it is too bad.

noisycolorfullively said...

cra-zy! Our CPS has always supervised visits. If I they're desperate, they'll ask me to monitor. If it's OK with CPS and I think it's best for the family, sometimes I'll volunteer to get all the visits in. But really, it all depends on the case.

The more I read about other states/counties, the more appreciative I am for where I live. It's not sunshine and roses here, but I am reminded that it could be worse.

MamaFoster said...

wow, i bet the foster parents are happy to only have to deal with one visit a week (at least I would be) but it does stink for the families and the kids if they want to see them.