Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy afternoon

All within about 2 hours...

School let out and all my cherubs came home for the summer.

My agency called. A little boy roughly age 2 or 3 needed an emergency placement. I assessed how he would fit into my home and said yes.

I got an email from my worker at our agency about a citation I received in December. (We did not have children in December so when she originally approached me with this paperwork I said I needed more information.) Apparently, when the "incident" happened between TurtleTurtle and my son TT back in November 2010, I was not within supervision standards set forth in my Individualized Safety Plan.

Without going in to all the details...I was within supervision standards. The children were supposed to be in hearing or sight distance and I was supposed to check on them every 10-15 minutes. Yes the children were upstairs and I was downstairs. But we have an open floor plan and I could hear them.

I got really mad this afternoon. I had NEVER been told I was under investigation over the matter last year. And now, over six months later I'm being told about it?! They want me to sign something admitting that I was wrong and agreeing to always stay within the supervision limits set forth by "the system". I was just about ready to throw in the foster parenting towel.

Then my agency called back. A home had been found for the little boy. But...don't hang up...there's a sibling group of four. Could I take two of them?

Again I assessed how the children would fit into our family. This time I had to say "no". I would not take a 10 year old boy coming out of a volatile home environment that included physical abuse and sexual abuse. However, if necessary, I would take the 2 year old sister.

A little more waiting...

Got the call that CPS found a foster home that could keep all four kids together. While I had a supervisor from my agency on the phone I decided to approach the citation issue.

She's going to look into it for me. And, speaking off the record of course, she told me that sometimes a "paper is just a paper". And...sometimes it's not.

I promised her if what I'm signing is "just a piece of paper" I won't be a brat and I'll sign it. I know that being investigated is just a part of fostering. We were told over and over during all the trainings (both in the Midwest and down here) that it's not "if" you get's "when". I can play nice with the system if I have to over crap like this. It is something to think about though. Those two girls were in my home for only two months and they turned everything upside-down. AND I got investigated TWICE!! What a mess.

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MamaFoster said...

that is crap.

i wouldn't have signed it YET either. depends on what they say.

it is still crap though.