Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm in love

It's looking like the Dolly & Dude might stay awhile. Despite the language limitations, we're getting on OK. They turn to me for affection and comfort. They are quite enamored with Mr. Amazing. And, well, who wouldn't love Bart & TT?!

I'm actually enjoying children that return affection. One of the most difficult parts about caring for Pumpkin is that she does not "give" ANYTHING back. Honestly, I've gotten (at best) three hugs since she came into care. It's not like I want her to be madly in love with me or anything. But she takes an awful lot of work!! It's hard for me to give and give and give and get nothing in return.

Dolly & Dude are speaking more English every day. And when we went to the doctor on Friday, I was told that Dolly has speech delay. So, even though she's speaking primarily Spanish, it's baby talk anyway. If she stays, I'll have to enroll her in speech therapy. (Which would end up helping our communication difficulties as I would request that therapy be in English.)

I've got tons of neighbors that speak Spanish. I know who to turn to if I get in a bind. Also...many, many, many people in our church speak Spanish. And now that the cherubs are in our home, I don't want to move them again. It just doesn't seem fair to them. (Foster care isn't fair!) The communication problem doesn't seem to bother either one. In fact, I think Dolly is starting to think it's funny. I'll tell her "no comprendo" and then she'll smile at me and say, "si" (all long and drawn out with a huge twinkle in her eye).

We'll see what happens. I'm sure no one at CPS or our agency has honestly been looking for a new placement for Dolly and Dude. I'm sure no one will complain if I spare them the paperwork nightmare and just keep them. We'll keep on praying. Hopefully God's answer will be loud and clear.


jendoop said...

I'm glad they and you are feeling more settled. It's good to have access to so many Spanish resources.

I'm worried about you overburdening yourself with Pumpkin and Dolly and Dude. Be wise, a burnout mom isn't good for anyone.

Cheryl said...

Hopefully God sends his message in English. =) I'm sure you will make the decision that is best for the kids and your immediate family. I'm glad you are enjoying them right now!

MamaFoster said...

enjoy those sweet babies :)