Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mr. Amazing is just that

My husband is AMAZING! Not only is he an amazing compassionate man who is willing to parent and love on every kid that crosses our threshold... He heard me mention that I had to have a 20 minute completely unproductive phone conversation with my most annoying client for work today. With that in mind, he brought me home a bottle of tequila. He truly is amazing!

Not only that, but he put in a long, hard day at work today. Then he had to go register at the hospital for a medical procedure on Friday. He raced home with no time to spare. He ate dinner while I took our oldest cherub to youth group at church. Then, while I stopped to pick up milk (because Good Gravy we are going through food faster) he proceeded to clean up the kitchen and get FIVE children ready for bed. He even brushed their teeth. He truly is amazing!

Then, while I finished the tuck-in process, he went back out into the rain to pick up our oldest from church.

After coming home from church, when any normal man would completely crash out on the couch, he got down on the floor and picked up baby toys with me. Then, and only then, did he stop and take a few minutes for himself. He truly is amazing!

I'm a lucky woman!!


The cherubs are finally sleeping without freaking out. Yes, there are tears. Dolly can take her gorgeous chubby cheeks and make the bitter beer face in less than 3 seconds when you say the word "bedtime". She can even produce real tears. But it is very short lived. And they are staying in bed after you tuck them in. They even slept through the night last night without waking up even once. As a sleep deprived mamma - I am grateful for that and I hope it sticks!

I found out today that their mom is still in jail. Visits won't be starting for awhile. I know the name of our CPS worker but no one from CPS has contacted me at all yet. Court is scheduled for July 1 but I was told to expect that to change due to the jail situation.

Pumpkin is handing the addition to our family pretty good. She's had a few bouts of jealousy. But, for the most part, she just hangs out in the background. (Pumpkin isn't much for socializing.) I have to admit, having the extra cherubs has actually made caring for Pumpkin a little bit easier. Honestly, I'm busier so I can't focus on her wonkiness.

I'm also doing a better job of accepting Pumpkin for who she is. I've had to process her condition with multiple people to get to this place. But I am doing a better of accepting that Pumpkin is truly very delayed. Some of the higher functions she has are nothing more than "splinter skills". They don't mean as much as I want them to. Just because Pumpkin manages to say, "I farted" one time doesn't mean that she's ever going to have the ability to tell me when her diaper is dirty. It was a one time fluke. I had to let go of my desire to "fix" Pumpkin. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to advocate for her. It just means I have to let go of my unrealistic goals.

Bart is in heaven with the extra kids. He's in love with Dolly and thinks that Dude is awesome! Even Herman is fond of the two new ones. TT still has his anxiety issues. But he's working through them. We've had a few rages that are beyond frustrating. And he's already trying to come up with reasons for us to send all three foster kids to daycare for a day. But he'll be OK. I know he will.

And me, I'm hanging in there. The Good Lord has seen fit to give me more energy than I thought these old bones had. All my toddler parenting skills are coming back to me. I'm even managing to stay on top of most of my freelancing. My kids are stepping up and helping out more. It's all working better than I thought it would. It's not perfect. (I completely forgot to take Dolly and Dude back to the doctor to get their TB tests read on Sunday. They're going to have to get stuck again. I feel awful!) But, I don't expect perfection.

There's a lot of love going on in our house. I like it!

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MamaFoster said...

sounds good :) all it boils down to is getting used to your new normal. i think it is awesome :)