Friday, June 17, 2011

Survived Day One

We all survived day one. I'm still quite torn about this placement.

Originally I said "no" to the call. The new cherubs are from another county and visits were going to be an hour away. Pumpkin already takes up soooooo much of my time. I didn't want to have to commit to a visit schedule like this one.

Also, my agency said they didn't want to place any children with us until we got back from our vacation. Granted, our vacation isn't until August. But we are going to be gone for almost three weeks.

However, my agency called back on Wednesday evening practically begging. They are incredibly nice. They have NEVER pressured us to take a placement. They accept every single "no" without question. So, to say that they were "begging" does need to be put into perspective. All they did was explain that they really wanted us to consider the placement. I was told that no homes in our area are available. They had already discussed things with our agency's regional office and they had permission to make an exception due to the vacation issue. (I guess they will deal with the respite problem when the time comes.) CPS also discussed things with bio mom and let her know she was going to have to drive to us for visits. It was either make these exceptions – or the children were going to have to go to a shelter nearly six hours away from here!!

I couldn't imagine sending a 2yo and a 3yo to a shelter that far away! Neither could Mr. Amazing. So, we said "yes".

The only criteria left to fill was to make sure that the children spoke English. All the workers talked to each other and to the mom and it was determined that they did in fact speak English.

Someone lied.

So now I'm horribly torn. These babies need a home. I think they need a home close enough to their mom so they can have visits. I think they need a home – not a shelter.

However, they also need to be able to communicate in their language. It's just not fair that I keep looking at the little girl and saying, "I'm sorry. No comprendo." She's just going to shut down and not speak at all eventually.

Day Two has kicked off. The new cherubs are still asleep. (Crying for two hours at bedtime can really wear a baby out!) We're off to the doctor today. If they didn't already hate foster care enough, I'm pretty sure they won't be too thrilled with me as the day progresses. They'll get blood drawn, get a TB test and get caught up with their shots. Should be interesting!


MamaFoster said...

your kids get TB tests??? blood drawn???? mine get none of this and it freaks me out that they don't!

honestly, maybe something could be worked out language wise...i would hate to see them so to a shelter

CherubMamma said...

I have 48 hours in which to get a communicable disease screening done.

I've got 21 days to complete a full physical exam that must include a lead test (for kiddos under age 6) and all the rest of the normal stuff. CPS recommended a drug screening with Dolly & Dude though due to the nature of their removal.

I have 30 days to complete a TB test (if it is done separately from the medical exam). We live on the border and the risk is a lot higher here.

I have 30 days to get them to the dentist.

And then, according to the paperwork my agency hands out at intake, our agency has 30 days to set up therapy and get a psychological exam done. (I doubt they will do the psych exam on ones this little. Though, they did have Pumpkin go through the exam.) They also have 30 days to get a psychiatric exam done -- but I think this is only for kids that are already on meds. I don't think they are as strict about the therapy, psych exam & psychiatrist though (unless the kids are on meds).

As for working something out language wise...I'm praying for a miracle. I'm falling in love quite quickly!!! But I'm also scared to death of the permanent damage that could be happening. Trauma like this sets a kid up for RAD. Not being able to communicate isn't good for the brain.