Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Words of wisdom

"Don't think for a moment the enemy won't do everything he can to convince you that your efforts in Christ's name are in vain. Nothing is more destructive that feelings of uselessness and worthlessness. That's precisely why the enemy seeks every avenue to fuel and perpetuate them."
- Beth Moore

Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't do my Bible study every single day. In fact, it's taken me over a year to do a 90 day study (again). But here's the thing...

I needed that exact phrase exactly when I read it the other day. Sure, if I had read it earlier it wouldn't have been a bad thing. But I got so much out of it by reading it exactly when I did.

God is good!

Now, I think I have to rewrite the quote and post it all over my house.


MamaFoster said...

i think we must be on the same page this morning, you will see what i mean over on my blog :)

jendoop said...

It makes me sad that you would ever feel worthless. I'm glad you came across it when you needed it.

CherubMamma said...

To clarify - I don't personally feel worthless. But I'm struggling with all that I'm trying to do for Pumpkin. I feel like much of my efforts are worthless. She's not making "progress" like I want to see. And I fear any "progress" that I do make is going to be undone by her bio-family and their apathy towards her special needs.

I read another quote today (God is really trying to pound this home to me)... This time it was in Redbook and has nothing to do with faith. But I know the statement was for me to read for sure. It's a husband, speaking about his wife and her attitude towards their special needs child:
"Try as she might, Jenny couldn't 'fix' Sophie, and I think that scared her. The search to find something wrong was her quest for an instruction booklet. But sometimes things aren't broken, they're just different and built to excel at things you're not. There's a laundry list of things no one ever tells you when you have children. One of them is that your child will teach you how to be the parent they need – if you're willing to listen."

I keep thinking that if I get the right diagnosis for Pumpkin I'll be able to find some "magic" help out there that can help her come out of her shell. Truth is, there is NO magic cure. Pumpkin is who she is. I have GOT to love her RIGHT WHERE SHE'S AT. That means I don't have to have her try to dress herself right now. But I do need to make more eye contact with her, even if she's going to cry when I do it. I've got to help Pumpkin know that she's loved all the time. I can't allow myself to get angry when she doesn't understand simple, simple, simple things like "come here" or "sit down".

As always, I've got to work on ME not her.