Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesterday was the 6th month anniversary of Pumpkin joining our family. Unlike many other anniversaries, this one does not make me happy. While I feel our family is called to do this fostering stuff, it's not an easy calling. At its root, fostering is about hurt and loss and really big mistakes. I'm not happy that Pumpkin's mom didn't keep her safe. I'm not happy that Pumpkin had to come into foster care. I'm not happy that the progress towards reunification is so painfully slow.

I don't know when Pumpkin is going to be going home. I don't know what's going to happen next. This is fostering. I'm just a foster parent. Low man on the totem pole. I know nothing except that Pumpkin is in my home now.

Anniversaries like this make me sad.


Cheryl said...

Understand and respect everything you said. But you also know that Pumpkin has been safe, cared for, and loved on for 6 months. You know that she has gained medical treatment that she desperately needed. You know that cavities have been filled and it doesn't hurt for her to eat. She is getting consistant therapy for the first time in her life. I understand that you're not happy; I really do. But there is good from this, too. Even if it is just for now.

MamaFoster said...

i think it is awesome that YOU have lasted 6 months!!! seriously, with all her issues I can't imagine not having her moved a while ago myself. I love what you have done for her and am so proud of you.

the rest is sad, it always is, but it is what it is. love you friend.