Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CPS No-Show and A Birthday

Twice now I've had a no-show from Dolly and Dude's CPS worker. (grrrr) She was supposed to be here before lunch today. She never even called to let me know she wasn't coming.

So, yet again, I called her. I wanted to make sure that the family visit is still scheduled for this afternoon. I wasn't going to drive across town for nothing if that's been rescheduled as well.

I guess no one knows where Dolly and Dude's mom is. The only phone number they have is for a grandmother (not sure if it's Mom's grandmother or Dolly and Dude's). Mom doesn't have a phone and she hasn't been sleeping at home. I don't think Mom has a car either so CPS is unsure of how Mom is going to get from where she lives to the visit that is scheduled an hour away.

Needless to say, I'm not telling the littlest cherubs where we are going this afternoon. If Mom doesn't show up I don't need them disappointed. Eventually they'll figure things out I'm sure. I'm sure tons of other foster parents have navigated these territories; but this is new to me. I've never had a parent that didn't work their case plan. (Of course, Mom hasn't screwed up yet. I just don't have a good feeling about this afternoon.)


Today is Pumpkin's birthday! We got her a few presents and the cake is baking now. I've sang Happy Birthday about half a dozen times so far today. Of course Pumpkin has no idea it's her birthday. But she does love the song. Dude and Dolly are excited though!

Unfortunately, Pumpkin is acting very wonky. She came home from occupational therapy and went straight to the table to eat lunch with the rest of the kids. She did OK until she was done. At that time she seemed very disoriented and confused. She kept saying "my toy" over and over instead of "all done". We've worked six long months to teach Pumpkin "all done" and she's able to do this consistently every day. She can even do it when she's done with other activities like coloring or playing with play dough. But today -- I'm not sure what was up.

Eventually she did repeat it after me and I got her down from the table. She immediately went into the living room (where her toys are) and started crying. I hugged her for a bit which proved even more that something was wrong. (Generally she wouldn't soften for that kind of touch but she almost snuggled into me instead.) I laid her down on the couch and covered her up. She's been asleep for over an hour now. Hopefully the nap will help "reset" things so she can enjoy her cake and presents later.


And now I must go wake up Dolly and Dude from their nap. I hate having to work my schedule around a visit that might not happen. But they deserve to see their mom. I do hope she shows up!!

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Foster Mama said...

That is incredibly hard. I've never had someone from CPS just not show up. I hope the kids mom does make it to the visit... but then again I am with you in thinking it probably won't happen. The kids will clue in after a few visits (remembering where you are driving, especially when you pull up)... and if it doesn't happen. Devastating for them!