Monday, July 11, 2011

I survived

Bart & TT enjoyed basketball camp. Herman even got to play some because he was there – and he's charming like that. I managed to handle the noon appointment disaster quickly enough and got to basketball camp only 15 minutes after they got out. And since I had left the children with a cooler full of Gatorade and some PB&J rollups, everyone was hydrated and the blood sugars were stable.

Dolly and Dude's mom showed up to court. She rolled in about two minutes before we were scheduled for court. But...she showed up. Dolly was surprised and didn't exactly know how to respond. She quickly went to Mom though. Dude was pissed and climbed up on my lap instead. Awkward. However, when Mom reached into her bag to presents for the kids, Dude got down to go get his. He never really warmed up to Mom though. I had to tell him to say goodbye when the time came.

Both children were out of sorts the entire hour ride home. It was normal. Heartbreaking. But normal. They giggled nervously. They screamed. They cried. They just sat there...silent. I can't imagine what they were thinking and feeling. Foster care is so difficult for all parties involved.

Pumpkin made it to her family visit with just 2 minutes to spare. Her mom was happy to see her and Pumpkin was thrilled with all the birthday balloons Mom brought.

To be safe, the four littlest cherubs and I went and bought balloons for the ENTIRE family while Herman was at counseling. That way Pumpkin won't get her balloons "stolen" tomorrow. Besides, after a day like today balloons are a very good thing.

Once home from too much drive-through crap and more stress than a body needs, all the children got ready for bed. There were just a few tears. Far fewer than what I expected. I just hope that everyone sleeps through the night because I need enough energy to get up tomorrow to do it all over again.

Thankfully we only have a couple appointments tomorrow. I'm praying Dolly and Dude's mom makes it to this week's visit.

Now...I do believe I have earned a margarita.