Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My undies are in a bunch

I am so damn frustrated with The System I barely know where to begin today. I swear...I'm one more stupid rule, or meeting, or social worker away from throwing in the towel. The kids....oh, I LOVE the kids. But The System...it sucks!!

I was told today that there is a new minimum standard.
All children in care have to have a physical one month after their birthday. Not 3 weeks. Not within one month. But, what I was told today, EXACTLY one month after their birthday. The physical has to happen even if they just had one three weeks ago because it was time for their well baby check.

To me, this is a waste of time and resources. There is already a system of checks and balances in place with children in care. All of their doctor appointments are recorded in Texas Health Steps. (oops...now you know where I'm from. Please don't hold it against me!) Medicaid requires that their appointments are already recorded. Medicaid will chase you down if you are missing necessary appointments. Our agency keeps track of all the appointments. They too make sure all appointments are kept. What is the purpose of adding in a check one month after their birthday?! I can't wrap my brain around this! There is no purpose to it whatsoever!!!

My undies are in a bunch. I ended up having banana cake and a Diet Coke last night instead of a margarita. Tonight, it WILL be a margarita. I'm spent!!


Julie said...

It's official -- If I lived in Texas I would not be a foster parent there! Between what you and Foster2Adopt have said I know I couldn't take all the ridiculous rules out there. Locking up your vacuum? Double duty on doctor's appointments... um, no thank you. I am busy trying to take care of kids! Ugh. Okay, done venting. You are amazing!!

MamaFoster said...

no kidding, enough is enough.

you would laugh if you saw what i get away with. by that i mean nothing that would hurt any of my kids...just that my rules seem like suggestions compared to yours :/

Cheryl said...

You have every right to be frustrated. It's ridiculous. Tie a knot and hang on.

Anonymous said...

Is this your state, or your agency? I work directly with our county dfcs. Talk about resources stretched... It's definitely team work there. And they're pretty glad to have us for the most part.

It doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of nimrods working there, it's just less hoops to jump through.

I get it, though. The "system" was why I quit teaching. The teaching was great, the "system" wrung me dry.