Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We tend to be quite silly at our house. Nicknames abound! Everybody ends up with one. We went with a theme for our oldest son's friends. One of them is Reeeeeeky, one is Smelly Cat and one is Fish Head. (Teenagers smell bad LOL!) Pumpkin is also known as Princess Pickle. And of course all of our other children have various (multiple) nicknames as well. In the end, if you actually get called by your own name you had better pay attention.

Dude and Dolly have been fascinated with this. They will repeat all the nicknames and the person they belong to. They were particularly interested in Bart's nickname PeeWee. Over and over they would say, "Bart...PeeWee"...and then laugh.

I should have known.

I really should have known.

The other day, as Dude was getting dressed he grabbed hold of himself, said "PeeWee" and then cracked up.

I really should have known.

So, in my best instructional voice I tried to educate him that his parts are called his penis.

PeeWee is just a nickname.

Now Dude will look at me and say, "Bart = PeeWee. Dude = Penis."

I can't do anything but laugh.


Cheryl said...

Oh, thanks for my end of the day laugh! That is AWESOME!!! =)

Mama P said...

BAHAHA!!! That's great!

MamaFoster said...

hopefully he decides to repeat that to the social worker :)